Global Office 365 Developer Bootcamp – Melbourne

Lab 0: Prepare Your Dev Environment

npm install -g yo gulp
npm install -g @microsoft/generator-sharepoint

Lab 01: SP-Starter-Kit

Apply-PnPProvisioningHierarchy -Path starterkit.pnp -Parameters @{“SiteUrlPrefix”=”pnpdemo”}

Lab 02: SPFx with Graph API

npm i
code .

  • Modify the code as needed

gulp build
gulp bundle –ship
gulp package-solution –ship

  • Upload to AppCatalog
  • Add the App in a site Collection and add the WebPart on a page


Lab 03: Form, Flow, List

  • Create a Form that takes feedback submission anonymously
  • Create a List with the similar columns
  • Create a Flow that inserts an item into the list every time someone submits a form
  • What can you do more?

Lab 04: List Column Formatter

  • Create a list with 5 columns as per the screenshot below
  • Effort
    • Number column (minimum value: 0, maximum value: 28)
    • Effort click on the column header > Columns Settings > Format this column> Enter the following JSON and click save.

  • Status
    • Choice Column with following options:
      • Not Started
      • In Progress
      • Blocked
      • Ready For Test
      • Done

  • AssignedTo
    • People Column

Lab Optional  (Attendee asked to have a hands-on PowerApp Demo):

  • Click the following link for a step by step Power App demo
  • Replicate the app in your own environment (ask one of the speakers for help)